Past Work

budget game example

Balance the UW Budget Game

This project was done for a class on Software Engineering and was inspired by the budget crisis hitting the University of Washington. Students and faculty alike were concerned with the large budget cuts and needed a way to see how the UW was spending its money. By informally involving users in the budgeting process, this game shows them where the UW spends its money and illustrates the difficulties encountered when balancing a budget. The game enforces constraints and consequences faced in the budgeting process with the goal of authentically simulating the difficult task facing University of Washington administrators.

intel work example

Logistics Management Tool for Intel

The following site is a project I designed and coded for an internship with Intel from June 2008 - Feb 2009. I have made this public version available after obtaining their permission. The site is used as a tool for tracking and supporting software development platforms. While this example shows all pages of the website, the production version limits the pages that a user may see depending on their role. There are three roles of people visiting the site:

1) customers: they need to see which platforms they have in their posession as well as request support and download files for those platforms. Customers see mainly the "My Platforms" and "All Platforms" pages.
2) contractors: they help deliver, maintain, upgrade, and reclaim the platforms and see all the pages under "Logistics" and "Service Requests"
3) administrators: they see all the pages that a customer and contractor sees in addition to pages which help them provide full support and logistics abilities for the platforms.

For this example, I removed all actual data and replaced it with a few "dummy" data items. The site is open for further adding and editing as you explore its functionality.